What Others Say

Mallen Baker has an interesting piece on the Global Compact’s latest Annual Review

And he’s right on target:

If you believe that there needs to be a better legal framework to control the worst behaviour of companies worldwide – there may or may not be a viable mechanism for that, but the Global Compact was not set up to be it, and indeed could not have been.

If you think companies are mad dogs to be controlled, then an initiative that encourages voluntary collaborative action amongst them won’t be to your tastes. Not much offered up by people that don’t share your particularly pessimistic view is likely ever to be satisfactory. Might as well accept it and focus instead on making the case for what you might want instead.

For the rest, it is a good thing that there is an initiative bringing businesses together to learn from each other on environmental management, human rights and labour rights, and that these groups show good evidence of raising the level of performance for the participating companies.

There is plenty to think about in this report – not least in the vignettes of what different companies across the world are committing to actually do.


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