Way to Go on Climate Risk Disclosure

CERES, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Center for Energy and Environmental Security have come out with a sobering assessment of climate risk disclosure by large corporations. Reclaiming Transparency in a Changing Climate, one of two studies on the issue released today, looked at references (risk assessments, strategies, policies) in thousands of SEC filings between 1995 and 2008. Money quote:

While the study finds some modest improvement in climate risk disclosure since 1995, in 2008 75% of annual reports filed by S&P 500 corporations failed to even mention climate change and only 5% articulated a strategy for managing climate-related risks. 

(Hat tip: The Guardian)

At the risk of comparing red apples (climate risk disclosure) and green apples (emissions disclosure), it is worth noting recently published research by Yale University, looking at the way in which Caring for Climate signatories are reporting climate data in their COPs or CDP filings.  

Update:  Check out this Businessweek piece on climate-related shareholder activism.  

Yale University, School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and The Center for
Business and the Environment at Yale

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