Business, Investors and Civil Society Take Stand on Climate Change

22 September 2009

Heads of state and government from more than 50 nations met with nearly 200 leaders of global business and civil society organizations at the United Nations today to convey their support for a balanced, fair and effective global climate agreement.

The UN Leadership Forum on Climate Change, organized by the UN Global Compact in collaboration with a broad group of UN Agencies, Funds and Programmes, issued a strong outcome declaration urging governments to take bold climate action in Copenhagen. Excerpt:

The future of the global marketplace hangs in the balance. A global agreement on climate and a sufficient price for carbon will help ensure the continuation of a global marketplace based on openness and competition. Strong markets are needed to diffuse climate solutions. On the other hand, failure to find agreement would result in trade tensions and competitive distortions that not only threaten the foundations of our global economy, but also any future advances in sustainable economic and social development.”


ESG and Responsible Investment in the Private Equity Community

16 September 2009

Georg Kell had the opportunity to address the Dow Jones Private Equity Analyst Conference in New York today. Click here for the full speech.

Detecting Greenwash, Fighting Hogwash

16 September 2009

Folks at BSR and Futerra have joined forces for a useful little business guide titled Understanding and Preventing Greenwash. The publication focuses on preventing questionable or outright bogus environmental messages, for good reasons.  Money quote:

 “[T]he consequences of getting it wrong and being seen as purporting a fraud—or, “greenwashing,” a term now in the lexicon of most industries—are growing. Whether real or perceived, when consumers see greenwashing, they are likely to punish companies with less sales. When NGOs see it, they are motivated to drive negative campaigns and press. And when regulators see it, they can determine that an environmental claim is a “deceptive practice” and fine companies.”

  Needless to say, the same applies when it comes to messaging around human rights or labour standards.