The Global Compact and Children’s Rights

20 November 2009

On the 20th Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Global Compact encourages participants and stakeholders to increase their awareness of this landmark instrument.

Children’s rights are relevant to a number of the Global Compact principles, including principles 1 and 5.  Global Compact principle 1 asks business to respect and support the protection of internationally proclaimed human rights.  These include children’s rights.  Global Compact principle 5 asks business to uphold the effective abolition of child labour.
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Request for Comments: Draft Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management

18 November 2009

This just in:

The IFC, IBLF and the Global Compact are now requesting comments on the draft Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management [PDF, 2.7mb]. First released in June 2007, this publication aims to help companies identify and address human rights risks and impacts, and integrate the results of the assessment into their management system.

Since its publication, the draft has been used and road-tested by companies from various industry sectors. During the road-testing phase, the Guide to HRIA website was created to provide road-testing companies with additional information, resources. The website was also created to update all stakeholders on new developments during the road-testing process, in addition to hosting quarterly online discussions on HRIA related issues.

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Photos Wanted!

18 November 2009

As part of the road-testing process of the Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management ( a joint project of the Global Compact, the International Business Leaders Forum and the IFC), the IBLF has launched the Human Rights issues in a Business Context – photography competition.  Companies are invited to submit photographs depicting a human rights issue in an operational context.

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Sustainable Stock Exchanges?

4 November 2009

As a follow-up to the UN PRI/Global Compact/UNCTAD event on the role of stock exchanges in advancing responsible business practices, Marc Gunther, who moderated a good portion of the day’s discussion, published a very comprehensive summary on his blog.  A critical thought:

I’m not persuaded that we can make the link between the financial crisis and the need for companies to be more responsible, more aligned with society and better governed. If there is a connection, it’s probably driven—or at least it should be—by a greater skepticism among investors, a willingness to dig deeper into risk and the understanding that neither size nor short-term performance tell you what you need to know about a company.

Mark’s point about risk is critical. There are many lessons from the crisis, of course. But obviously the prevailing risk paradigm was fundamentally flawed. And we weren’t even talking about environmental and social risks yet.