Request for Comments: Draft Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management

This just in:

The IFC, IBLF and the Global Compact are now requesting comments on the draft Guide to Human Rights Impact Assessment and Management [PDF, 2.7mb]. First released in June 2007, this publication aims to help companies identify and address human rights risks and impacts, and integrate the results of the assessment into their management system.

Since its publication, the draft has been used and road-tested by companies from various industry sectors. During the road-testing phase, the Guide to HRIA website was created to provide road-testing companies with additional information, resources. The website was also created to update all stakeholders on new developments during the road-testing process, in addition to hosting quarterly online discussions on HRIA related issues.

Online feedback survey
A public survey which frames the consultation on the draft Guide to HRIA is accessible here. This survey has been drafted to facilitate your feedback and the public consultation will be open for 30 days, from November 17, 2009 to December 17, 2009. Comments received by the deadline will be taken into consideration by the authors and where appropriate, incorporated into the revised version of the publication when it is launched in March 2010. A summary of the comments received will be compiled and made public by December 21, 2009 on the IFC and Guide to HRIA websites.

Paper feedback survey
To ensure that our public consultation process includes any feedback from stakeholders that do not have regular access to the Internet, hard copies of the online survey will be sent to any stakeholder, upon request, via postal mail. The comments received will be included in the summary mentioned above and made public by December 21, 2009. To request a hard copy of the online survey, please contact Yann Wyss at IFC or Désirée Abrahams-Roberts at IBLF


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