Leaders Summit 2010: Two Weeks to Go

Leaders Summit Registration Passes 1,000

With the Global Compact Leaders Summit 2010 on 24-25 June fast approaching, registration has now passed 1,000 participants. The Leaders Summit marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Compact and will be the largest UN-business event ever held.  UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will chair the Summit and will be joined by New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, as well as CEOS and other top executives from more than 80 countries.

Among the confirmed Summit attendees:

  • Mark Foster, Group Chief Executive, Accenture, United Kingdom
  • Masaaki Fujita, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mitsui & Co. USA, United States
  • José Sergio Gabrielli de Azevedo, Chief Executive Officer, Petrobras, Brazil
  • Hugh Grant, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Monsanto Company, United States
  • Chad Holliday, Chairman, Bank of America, United States
  • Hugh Johnston, Chief Financial Officer, PepsiCo, United States
  • Ali Y. Koc, Group President, Koc Holding A.S., Turkey
  • Anne Lauvergeon, Chief Executive Officer, Areva, France
  • Xu Lejiang, Chairman, Baosteel Group, China
  • Paolo Scaroni, Chief Executive Officer, ENI, Italy
  • Peter Y. Solmssen, Executive Vice President, member of the Managing Board and Counsel, Siemens AG, Germany

Visit the Leaders Summit website for a more complete list of featured attendees.

This year’s Leaders Summit will feature a broad array of new resources, initiatives and practical tools. Highlights include: a special 10th anniversary edition of the Global Compact Annual Review; the world’s most extensive survey of CEO perspectives on the state and future of corporate sustainability.

Check back here for frequent updates leading up to and during the Summit, including a live webcast, and visit the official Leaders Summit website at www.leaderssummit2010.org.


One Response to Leaders Summit 2010: Two Weeks to Go

  1. Bee Bee Banks says:

    As public citizens how can we take seriously the Leaders Summit declaration when corporations like Monsanto and Novartis are listed as participants? Businesses should have to demonstrate that their corporations follow specific ECONOMIC SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES. For instance, Monsanto mandates that farmers using their GMO seeds sign contracts that basically hand over all their rights as farmers. Why isn’t the U.N. mandating specific requirements before a corporation is allowed to participate. This is corporate window dressing. This reduces RESPECT for the U.N. in the eyes of the public. Thank you.

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